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Pay per click advertising means that putting your business ads on various websites attract more traffic. The customer will automatically be directed to your website after clicking on your ad.

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Why Website Needed Online Advertising?

This is a very important question and every businessman shall think about this before going for online advertising.    It is not enough to have only a good website to look, it should perform well in search engines.  off course you can’t get your business on the first page of search engines in one night.  It may take a number of months or years to come on the first page.

On the other hand, as a businessman, you can’t wait for that much time to appear on your website in major search engines.  Therefore millions of businesses opt for pay per click or online advertising services.   Pay per click will bring your business on the first page for the chosen keyword.   Therefore you need to plan your budget as per keyword popularity.

About 20 million publishers may not be wrong, see why publishers around the world are seeing success with online advertisements.

More Advertisers means:

  • Huge competition for your ad spaces
  • A lot of relevant ads
  • Ads for all your online content

High-quality ads

Gaonkar Web Solutions promote high-quality advertising to promote your online business.   Before the ads appear on your site, their real people and smart machines are reviewed by the review process.   Also, we calculate estimate advertising feedback and target audience with a variety of factors.

Reporting tools for online advertisement

Gaonkar Web Solutions provides you with detailed reports of advertisements and other analysis data.  This will help you to understand what your ads are doing.

Our graphical reporting system shows performance against your metrics, which you can use to increase the money you’ve made with online advertising.

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