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We at Gaonkar web solutions provide Automatic Backup software services in Goa.  Auto backup software is a program that runs on clients pc or on server pc & backs up everything you require without any disturbance outsourcing.  On the other hand, It compresses all your defined data in zipping/Rar format & copies a single file on your pen drive or hard drive.

Many times it does not become possible for the IT person to inform all office colleagues to close the application to initiate the backup process.  Hence we have developed this software to make this job easy.  This software automatically sends an advance message to the client user to close the application.  if the client does not close the application within the given time then the system automatically disconnects the client from the server and starts taking backup.

So now you have peace of mind after leaving your office.

Key features of Auto-backup software

  • ERP/database backup can be run without logging out from the software.
  • Automatically create date wise & time-wise backup file which can be restored easily by the user.
  • Sends backup intimation on Local area network users before the backup process executes.
  • Automatically copies backup on the pen drive so that users can take it wherever required.   (office is always not a safe place to keep all data)
  • We provide customized backup utilities that run on a scheduled time & date & backs up everything. H

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