About the keyword Status Tester

Welcome to Gaonkar Website Keyword Position Checker Tool.  We have developed this tool for online marketers like you who want to track the search status of their websites for different keywords. Our tool can access Google’s 100 pages to check the status of a keyword.

Here’s how you can use this free SEO tool to see your website’s ranking for different keywords:

Just enter the URL of your site’s homepage
Enter keywords in the keyword box. For example, if you have a post about “Free SEO Tools” on your site Then you may want to see the search status of this post.  Therefore you will find free SEO Tools, SEO Tools Free, Best Free SEO Tools, and Best Tools on your page.

Enter keywords in the box. Make sure you type each keyword on a separate row.
Choose how many situations you want to check your website. Our free keyword position tester tool can check with 100 posts!

Click the keyword search status button and wait. If your post is ranking on the top pages of the search engine, the tool can provide the results in a few seconds. But if your post is ranking for keywords on the 50th, 60th, or 100th positions in final positions, then the tool will take a few minutes to show the exact position.

With the help of the Gaonkar Web Solutions Keyword Position Checker Tool, you can quickly determine which keywords are good and those who need more work. It does not matter which page your website is located for a particular keyword or set of keywords, our fast SEO tool can easily find!

You no longer need to click on many pages of Google and Yahoo to determine the search status of different pages. Our best keyword position examiner will do all the work for you with just one click.

How to improve the status of keywords in search engines?

Google has some ranking factors such as domain age, page optimization, off-page optimization, and keyword research. We recommend you first to use your keyword suggestion tool so that you can find the best keywords for proper on-page optimization of your site and make sure about the keyword density to check the tool density. Write unique and long content, focus on low-competing long-tail keywords, and make sure your website is fast and responsive and authorization also creates backlinks.

Keyword position checker in Goa. Check your page rank for free.  Free SEO Tools in Goa.

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